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Most Used Day Tours from Colombo

Colombo to Kandy Day Tour

Embark on a Day of Cultural Marvels and Scenic Wonders

Colombo to Sigiriya Day Tour

Unveiling Ancient Wonders on a Day of Discovery

Colombo to Galle Day Tour

A Day's Escape to Coastal Charms and Historic Marvels

Colombo City Tours

Colombo Cultural Highlights Tour

Colombo Cultural Highlights Tour

Exploring Culinary Delights

Colombo Food Tour

Colombo City in Five Hours


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Ceylon Taxi – Colombo City & Day Tours

Welcome to Ceylon Taxi, your premier choice for exploring the vibrant city of Colombo and its stunning surroundings. Our service is dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable experience as you discover the rich culture, historical landmarks, and hidden gems of this bustling city.

Colombo City Tours

Dive into the heart of Colombo with our expertly curated city tours. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, our knowledgeable guides will ensure you see the best of what Colombo has to offer. From the colonial architecture of Fort to the bustling markets of Pettah, and the serene beauty of Galle Face Green, our tours are designed to showcase the unique blend of old and new that defines Colombo. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of our modern vehicles as we take you on a journey through the city’s top attractions.

Day Tours

Venture beyond the city limits with our exciting day tours, perfect for those looking to experience more of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. From the lush tea plantations of the hill country to the golden beaches of the coast, our day tours provide a variety of options to suit every interest. Discover the ancient ruins of Anuradhapura, the wildlife of Yala National Park, or the scenic beauty of Kandy and its famous Temple of the Tooth. Each tour is carefully planned to maximize your time and ensure you have a memorable adventure.

Why Choose Ceylon Taxi?

  • Experienced Guides: Our friendly and knowledgeable guides are passionate about sharing the history and culture of Sri Lanka.
  • Comfort and Safety: Travel in style with our fleet of well-maintained, air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Customized Tours: We offer flexible itineraries tailored to your interests and schedule.
  • Affordable Rates: Enjoy competitive pricing with no hidden costs.

Discover Colombo and beyond with Ceylon Taxi – where every journey is an adventure. Book your tour today and let us show you the beauty and charm of Sri Lanka.

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